Hakai Institute

Science on the Coastal Margin

The Hakai Program

The Hakai Program is one of the core programs of the Tula Foundation. Our goal is to understand the coastal ecology of our part of British Columbia; to uncover its past, monitor its present and protect its future. The bulk of our field work takes place from our base on otherwise unpopulated Calvert Island on the Central Coast. Recently we have established a second base on Quadra Island at the north end of the Strait of Georgia.

Spaceship Hakai

Spaceship Hakai / Calvert Island
(Satellite imagery courtesy of Danny Blanchette, University of Sherbrooke)

Long Term Ecological Research

We specialize in Long Term Ecological Research, which in simple terms means the following:

  • Choose a specific geographical region
  • Study it long term, on the order of decades
  • Study it year round
  • Study many factors and their interactions
  • Carefully monitor changes, short-term and long-term
  • Be well-placed to engage in scientific exploration and discovery
  • Use the knowledge gained to help manage and protect


We partner with local First Nations, the BC universities, local schools, BC Parks and other government organizations, and through those partnerships seek a creative synthesis between science and the traditional knowledge of the people of the BC coast. Together we seek to bring education, expertise, inspiration and leadership to this wild and spectacular part of the world.


We host a wide variety of courses ranging from postgraduate-level education to environmental stewardship training for First Nations resource managers and staff, to visits classes from local schools.


We are honored to host conferences and visits organized by Central Coast partners including First Nations leadership, the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network, the Qqs Projects Society, BC Parks and local schools.

Stay in Touch with Hakai

Read our Blog to find out what’s been happening recently in the world of Hakai. You may also be interested in keeping track of developments at the Tula Foundation, our parent organization. We have webcams at various locations. Bandwidth limitations preclude our providing live access, but we have recent still images from cameras mounted on our Hakai dock and on the top of Beach Lookout. We also have weather stations on line from the dock and the Beach Lookout. We have recently installed a weather station and web cam at the Quadra Island field station.

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