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History of the Hakai Institute

Land Securement and Stewardship Programs

Beginning a decade ago, the Tula Foundation worked in partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada on the securement, remediation, and stewardship of critical habitat, including:

Environmental Law

Since 2006, the Tula Foundation has been the sustaining funder of the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre.

Early Science Funding

The Tula Foundation orchestrated and funded the Rivers Inlet Ecosystem Study (2008 to present), led by researchers at UBC and Simon Fraser University. (We had funded SFU for earlier work in Rivers Inlet beginning in 2006, which laid the groundwork for the Rivers Inlet Ecosystem Study.)

Nursing in Isolated Communities

The Tula Foundation supported community nursing programs at Wuikinuxv Village in Rivers Inlet and at Kingcome Inlet (2007 to present).

Long Term Ecological Research: The Institute and its Field Stations

In September 2009, we acquired the assets of the former Hakai Beach Resort on Calvert Island, renamed it the Hakai Beach Institute, with the goal of making it the base of operations for the various programs of the Tula Foundation on the BC Coast. In 2012 ,we added a second field station on Quadra Island. We have elected to retain the Hakai name, drop the reference to “Beach,” and to broaden our usage of “Hakai Institute” to encompass all our field stations plus the network of research partners who use them.