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Jellyfish Reflections
Even after five decades, Doug Colton remembers the jellyfish off Calvert Island when he was a kid in the 1960s. While scientists still don’t fully understand what triggers jellyfish blooms, new technology is helping them find out.
Are Seagrass Meadows Wasting Away?
During a low tide on the BC Central Coast, a scientist slowly draws seagrass through her fingers, one blade at a time. She’s looking for the telltale marks of disease.
A New Northern Node for Ice and Snow Studies
The Hakai Institute is headed north. October 12, 2018 marked the opening of the new Hakai Cryosphere Node—a center for research focused on ice and snow studies at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George.
Investigating the Mysterious Seaweed Die-Off
After a particularly poor seaweed harvest on the BC coast, a collaborative team investigates the potential cause while planning for the future.
A Dry Measurement That’s Worth the Weight
Not all science is glamorous. Science often requires repeated, monotonous measurements to test a hypothesis. So, day after day, a team of diligent scientists completed a mundane task, so others in the future may not have to.