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Calvert Ecological Observatory

Calvert Island Field Station
Hakai Institute's Calvert Ecological Observatory. Photo by Keith Holmes

The Hakai Institute’s Calvert Ecological Observatory occupies an isolated 87-hectare (215-acre) site on Calvert Island on the exposed Pacific edge of British Columbia’s coastal temperate rainforest. We are surrounded by the Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy, which at 1,230 square kilometres is the largest marine conservancy on the BC coast. The local landscape has been sculpted by the hurricane-force storms and fierce Arctic outflow winds that lash the site during much of the year.

In the summer, however, Calvert Island’s spectacular beaches and vistas and rich intertidal life make it a natural meeting place where people have congregated for millennia. We draw inspiration from that long tradition, which enriches the activities we host.

3D Tour

Take a 3-dimensional tour of the Calvert Island Field Station. Video by Grant Callegari, Keith Holmes, and Will McInnes