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Weather conditions on Quadra and Clavert Island

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Free Hakai Institute Backgrounds for Zoom - Hakai Institute

Free Hakai Institute Backgrounds for Zoom

Life has suddenly become much more remote. Here are some free backgrounds to have your virtual meetings in style.

Like most organizations and businesses, the Hakai Institute has been operating remotely for the past couple of months. Remote working means countless meetings and discussions by video conference and I suspect we’re not alone in finding the virtual background feature in Zoom a source of entertainment and discussion (and a great way to hide our messy makeshift workspaces). To add a little levity in challenging times, we thought we’d share some images from our archives for you to use in your own meetings. Right click on the images and select “save as” to download.

Pacific spiny dogfish

A dogfish, a type of small shark, swims by a cluster of squid eggs on British Columbia’s Central Coast. Photo by Grant Callegari

Bull kelp’s last hurrah

This bull kelp, an annual algae, releases its spores—seen here in the dark patches on the fronds—as a final act before it is knocked free by a winter storm. Photo by Grant Callegari

Calvert Island bog

Prehistoric looking bogs—with their stunted shore pines, sphagnum moss, and Guinness-colored pools—cover large swaths of the outer coastal islands along British Columbia’s Central Coast. Photo by Shanna Baker

Raccoon forages in the intertidal

This raccoon brazenly forages in the intertidal during the day on Portland Island, British Columbia. A lack of predators means the raccoons on this island don’t need to rely on the cover of darkness. Photo by Shanna Baker

Curious seal

A precocious young harbor seal swims circles through a kelp forest on British Columbia’s Central Coast. Photo by Grant Callegari

Sunset on Quadra Island

Driftwood logs soak up the last of the light at a beach at the southern tip of Quadra Island, British Columbia, looking north toward Rebecca Spit. Photo by Grant Callegari

Shallows in sunlight

Algae in a wide variety of shapes and colors surround a giant green anemone. Photo by Grant Callegari

Sunset on Calvert Island

The last rays of the day illuminate a communications node near the summit of Mount Buxton, the highest peak on British Columbia’s Central Coast. Photo by Grant Callegari

Garry oak meadow

Garry oak meadows are iconic and culturally significant ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest. Photo by Shanna Baker

View from Quadra Island

Looking out across Heriot Bay, Quadra Island, toward the coastal mountains on the British Columbia mainland. Photo by Grant Callegari