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Weather conditions on Quadra and Clavert Island

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The Carbon Connection - Hakai Institute

The Carbon Connection

Carbon is one of the building blocks of life and it can be found just about everywhere on Earth. The soils of the coastal temperate rainforests of western North America are especially rich in organic carbon, which under certain conditions can travel down rivers, streams, and creeks into the ocean.

But we know very little about how much carbon enters the ocean along this coast or how it affects the species living here. So a team of researchers spent over three years collecting and testing water samples along the coast of Calvert Island, British Columbia, to deepen our understanding of these carbon connections between land and ocean. This video abstract outlines the team’s work published in the scientific journal Limnology and Oceans in June 2020.

St. Pierre, K. A.*, Oliver, A. A.*, Tank, S. E., Hunt, B. P. V., Giesbrecht, I., Kellogg, C. T. E., Jackson, J. M., Lertzman, K. P., Floyd, W. C., and Korver, M. C. (2020). Limnology and Oceanography. https://doi.org/10.1002/lno.11538
*shared 1st authorship